Groundwater Governance discussed at the 7th World Water Forum in Korea

World Water Forum

A Special Edition of the project outputs “Global Diagnostic on Groundwater Governance”,  “Shared Global Vision for Groundwater Governance 2030 “ and “Global Framework to Achieve the Vision on Groundwater Governance” were presented and discussed at the 7th World Water Forum, in South Korea. The Side Event took place on 13 April, in Daegu.

These products have been elaborated within the framework of the project with the aim of addressing groundwater governance issues at global, regional and national levels. Their elaboration over the past four years has benefited immensely from the contributions of almost seven hundred water experts and managers from various stakeholder groups throughout the world.

The side event also conveyed key messages from the results of the project’s analyses geared toward understanding what would deliver sound governance of groundwater resources which account for 99% of the Planet Earth’s accessible liquid freshwater, provide all the daily water needs for one third of humanity and are crucial for environmental and social ’goods’ upon which cities and rural communities have come to depend. According to experts, presently, most - if not all - of the world’s exploited aquifers are not being managed to conserve and protect these vital freshwater resources.