Global Groundwater Monitoring Network

Project Information

2003 - Present

The Global Groundwater Monitoring Network (GGMN) is a participative, web-based network of networks, set up to improve quality and accessibility of groundwater monitoring information and to subsequently improve our knowledge on the state of groundwater resources. GGMN is a UNESCO programme, implemented by IGRAC and supported by many global and regional partners.

The GGMN Programme consists of two components: the GGMN Portal and the GGMN People Network. The GGMN builds a network of networks, structured around national focal points who manage the collection and entry of groundwater monitoring data in the web-portal.

Project Activities

IGRAC’s main activities consist of the data and information management in the groundwater portal. IGRAC provides training and support to national focal points to work with the GGMN Portal. Other activities include:

  • Development of additional software modules for the GGMN (time series analysis)
  • Organisation of regional workshops on groundwater monitoring (SADC, IGAD, Latin America, China)
  • Development of guidelines for groundwater monitoring
  • Coordinating groundwater component in global networks, Global Terrestrial Network – Hydrology, WMO-GCOS, Global Earth Observation (GEO)

Web-based application

The GGMN is a participatory process that relies upon contributions of networks of groundwater experts. The web-based GGMN application enables users to periodically produce online maps showing groundwater change in time on a regional scale. Click here to open the application.

Registered GGMN users can access country-dedicated workspace of the portal. This workspace allows users to upload, interpolate, aggregate and analyse the groundwater data. A time series analysis assist in detection of trends, determination of periodic fluctuations and estimation on the monitoring sampling frequency.

If your institute would like to make use of the GGMN application for the management of groundwater information, or would like to contribute to the GGMN groundwater information  to improve accessibility of groundwater monitoring information, please contact us for more information.

Data policy

The GGMN operates according to principles of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and UNESCO with the aim of encouraging the widespread use of hydrological data for national, regional and global studies. Members and other data providers are encouraged to contribute to improve quality and accessibility of groundwater monitoring information, by contributing to the GGMN quality controlled, hydrological data, together with meta-information on the monitoring stations. Nevertheless, data providers can always determine the level of data accessibility by third parties: open, limited or restricted access. 

People Network

Regional workshops are organised to strengthen and expand the GGMN People Network. The workshops are designed for groundwater specialists to become familiar with the GGMN Programme and the functionality of the GGMN Portal.